Postpartum Essentials

I listed a couple of these essentials in my birth center bag post and thought to do a separate post on my postpartum must haves. Oh and pardon me ahead of time if my words are a bit jungled. The newborn wakings (every 2.5 hrs) is starting to take a toll and extra coffee in the day is needed now.

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Our Transition to Two Kids

I’ve been asked a lot about how our transition has been with two kids. Even though we’re only about two weeks in,… everything has been going really smoothly. I even feel really good post partum, still sore, but Jezriel has had to remind me to slow down & just relax.

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Breastfeeding While Pregnant

I figure I’d do a little post update on my experience continuing breastfeeding with Cataleya during this pregnancy. I’ve got quite a few DM’s about it on Instagram. This whole journey has surprised me in every stage, whether it be when her teeth came in, nursing after she turned one, and now while I’m pregnant.

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