A Sophisticated Phone Case for this Mom!

This past month I cracked my iPhone screen pretty bad, it was the first time ever! So I reach out to asked what phone cases y’all like? 🤓 After looking at all the recommendations I just kept going back to Tech21.

A Sophisticated Phone Case for this Mom!

I wanted a case that would show off that rose gold, but not lack the protection I needed daily as a mom. Tech21 was so kind to send me over the Evo Elite Case and Evo Glass Screen Protector to try out!

A Sophisticated Phone Case for this Mom!

Confession, this was the first time I ever used a screen protector 😬. However, I needed all the impact  protection I could get. This Evo Glass screen protector is a thin tempered glass, not that plastic film I’ve heard of.

Tempered Glass, Screen Protector, Tech21

As for the case I chose the Evo Elite, in of course that rose gold, I’m obsessed with. The color on the sides matches perfectly. I’ve actually had a few compliments on it. It’s such a lightweight and slim design I almost questioned how it would protect my phone 🤔.

A Sophisticated Phone Case for this Mom!

Coincidentally this past weekend while in Irvine I couldn’t believe I dropped my phone again 😩! I was so scared to even pick it up, I mean I was a good 4′ drop. Thankfully the phone case and screen protector held up to its word!!!

A Sophisticated Phone Case for this Mom!

I’m constantly pulling my phone out to take those candid photos of Cataleya. It’s either in my back pocket, in my diaper clutch, or causally in my hand 🙈. At least I feel much more confident not breaking it.

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13 thoughts on “A Sophisticated Phone Case for this Mom!

  1. So stylish! I happen to be a huge fan of that rose gold too. Thanks for sharing. Looks like I need an upgrade!

  2. I love that case! I have the exact same phone and I never got a case because I didn’t want to cover up how cute it is and I ended up CRACKING THE SCREEN!!! Ugh so I’ll have to buy that so I can have my cake and eat it too 😂

  3. I just went through the same thing last week! New phone, I also got the rose gold but my case pretty much covers the whole thing. Wish I saw this one!

  4. Oh good to know! I need a new case so badly! I have a glass protector and it’s amaze but my recently just got scratched and the line drives me nuts!

  5. Ohhh, this is pretty! I have the rose gold iphone and I hate covering it up with patterned cases – the clear one looks wicked! I will have to check out the prices compared to the case I’m currently using.

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